Looking for a family-focused early learning centre?

Then come and see us!

We are the only owner operated Montessori in Oamaru & we guarantee you will know each of us.  We want you to feel comfortable in our centre so that in turn your children will too.

We’re all about your child

Here at Montessori Oamaru, our teaching team are all considered family. We aim to have fully ECE-qualified staff, or at least working towards it. Our aim is for all staff to be Montessori qualified or working towards it. We will have around 12 staff at full capacity. Equating to 3 staff per room; putting us far above Ministry requirements, and giving our children a fantastic teacher-to-child ratio.


We are in the process of hand-picking the best teachers, they will be carefully chosen to nurture and care for your children, from nursery to preschool. Meet Stacey the mother of two and the person behind the wheel to ensuring your children have the best nursery and preschool education and care. Please check back soon to see more info on our new amazing teachers! If you would like to join our team, please get in touch, we would love to meet you! We will be advertising our teaching roles soon so please check back for more information.


Managing Director

Stacey is a local Mum of two who saw a need for something different in the community and had a vision... The vision was to create and deliver amazing pre-school care and education. Coming from a social and community work background means she is super passionate about children & their wellbeing. With an attention to detail and the children’s happiness and care being paramount, this beautiful centre has been designed to give your child nothing but the best. Stacey has trained in the Early Childhood Montessori Diploma & has spent the last 2 1/2 years researching & learning about the philosophy & what makes it so special. After her eldest son attended a Montessori pre-school and thrived under the philosophy, she wants this option available for her youngest and wants others in the community to try it out. She assures you, you and your child will fall in love with Montessori Oamaru.


Less children in each room = better learning experience

Our aim is to have low child numbers in our learning spaces, not only to ensure that the teacher-to-child ratio is less than Ministry requirements, but also to allow for a more personalised learning experience and more guided supervision.
With a head teacher to lead and guide the rest of our teaching team, our learning spaces will also benefit from age-appropriate and interest-led learning that is personalised to your child’s interests. We encourage upskilling within our teaching team and we strive to provide continual support and training to our staff, along with regular appraisals, goal setting sessions and even financing our teachers to enhance or update their professional development as required.

We can’t wait to show you around our new centre! Please check back for updates and if you have any questions please get in touch.